The new release from the artist known as Unique Creation, “Arena” will ring true for anyone fighting through a Dark Season. The single evokes feelings of the intensity felt when your aggression is pointed at all that stands against you. In fact the song offers a reminder that a Christian is a warrior with an untamed spirit. Against all odds the Christian is always left standing. 

Offering a catchy hook and diverse wordplay only a skilful lyricist can boast, Arena features Unique Creation’s new sound which he calls “Grock”. A song full of energy from start to finish, Unique’s rapid fire style keeps you engaged. 

The music video features energetic scenes which focuses more on Unique Creation’s showmanship and presence, with visuals that encapsulates a man standing strong in a rough environment. 

Arena is available now in all estores and the music video is available on YouTube from March 31st 2018.

Turn this track up and let it blast from your speakers!”

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